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OK everyone, for ALL of you who haven’t noticed, we have had immense technical difficulties and interference on steroids!  Whoa!!! A perfectly recorded interview with Cobra ended up being a mysterious challenge with sound issues.  Then it never loaded onto the BBS radio program – at least for many of you?  You probably already know about clicking on the site and links from the newsletter where you were prompted for passwords and user names, when we don’t even require anything like this for my FREE site.  And then there are the returned emails (even more than usual). 

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These are mp3s created from the original (available here, for those who would like to download the raw mp3). There are three parts here, and one more, after Cobra left the interview, which Alexandra calls “Roundtable”, with two other guests.

These mp3s have been volume leveled and boosted.

MP3s (~25 min., 11 MB each part)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Complete interview (75 min., 34 MB)

Post interview Roundtable

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kauilapele | 2014/04/09 at 18:13

Another excellent interview with Cobra and Alexandra Meadors. The transcript will be ready in a couple of days and I’ll post it as soon as it’s available.

If you didn’t have a chance to listen to the interview yesterday, you can listen to the archive at the Galactic Connection BBS Radio show:


Below, are Therese Zumi’s highlights and notes on the most recent interview:

Cobra – My Core Interpretation of Interview on April 8th

By Therese Zumi

Firstly I have not taken a single note – I just listened and this report is my interpretation of what I recall right now from the interview. Exact details will be available through a transcript in the coming days via Alexandra’s group at Galactic Connection.

Alexandra raised the idea that the Light community all seem to be very focused on absolute change being imminent – this is felt and expressed all over the internet. Cobra agreed that this is a very special intense window of opportunity and a potential time for The Event to occur but that because of the free will aspect of everyone involved there cannot or will not be any promises given that it will occur during this time window.

Two very important areas of focus right now affecting total change are the development and spread of the QEG Free energy technology and also the area of Disclosure. The spaceship that was seen recently in the Ukraine was a spaceship and not from here. Cobra says that the cabal no longer have advanced spaceship technology available to them.


As to the awakening process of mankind and regarding a transformation of consciousness – yes there has definitely been progress in this area BUT true transformation of levels of consciousness will simply not occur until the time of The Event. Then there will be a huge consciousness transformation taking place throughout mankind worldwide because we will no longer be closed off to the awareness of the Love from Source.

Strong Emotional and Physical Reactions

The question of strong emotional reactions at the time of the Event came up. Many are speaking now of experiencing strong emotions as also some very unpleasant physical reactions – like intensive pain – to the intensity of the Light at work. Cobra explained that at the sub-atomic level our bodies are very much affected now by the Light. This is due to old memories and recall being affected, worked through and released.

There is quite a lot of focus on the discussion regarding the development of our DNA blueprint around the internet. However Cobra points out that we need not focus on the physical body and the DNA because this transformation will occur automatically when consciousness has risen. They go hand in hand.

Portal Opening

The 21st of April is a very special occasion. Within a short while Cobra will be giving us all the details of a very important Portal opening on this date. So keep an eye on this blog where I will of course be posting this. I (TZ) will return with some more thoughts I have regarding this date shortly as it is a date I have been thinking about now for two months or so for other reasons. After this date there will be a lot of new intelligence released.

Regarding the Collateral Accounts

Strangely enough I was drawn yesterday to reading once again, one of Cobras very early blogs from October of 2012. That particular text is titled The Masterplan. You can find it either on my Bigger Picture Cont. page; or on Portal 2012. As we are all aware of through the internet there have been several groups of people involved in the process of returning the collateral accounts to humanity. Alexandra takes up this question and it would seem, not surprisingly that the information from this article The Masterplan stills holds and I will quote here from that text.

“I have received intel from a very credible source that Keenan is not the trustee for the collateral accounts. The real trustee’s identity must remain hidden for now so that he can work for the benefit of humanity uninterrupted. There are a few positive groups working for the same goal of returning the funds back to humanity but you will not find intel about them anywhere on the net. They will not announce anything. When they are successful, things will just start happening.”

We may not know exactly who this/these people are until The Event. There were/are some groups working with this process but unfortunately it has been impossible to avoid human greed entering into the equation. Like everything else this process is monitored by the RM and quite frankly there is no point in giving it a second thought because it will be looked after meticulously when the time is right.


If there is a need for emergency money for food etc. at the time of The Event, vouchers will be provided to cover basic expenses – they will be worth somewhere between 1-2 thousand dollars. Do not make plans now for your future economy based on the money you will be receiving eventually. Yes there will be money in large sums coming to us after the Event – the process of releasing it may take up until three weeks after The Event before we have it in our accounts.

Generally speaking Alexandra took up some specific details regarding what is happening in the economic area in the USA. This was a discussion re the Reset, dinar guru’s etc. Cobra holds fast to the original statements made about this. When change happens in this financial area it will happen everywhere on the planet simultaneously and up until that moment the cabal will continue on with their various economic strategies in this area. You can study all you like, read all you like re economic prophesies, but no-one will know when where and how until the moment this happens and then everyone will know at the same time. Remember all the banks are going down simultaneously. The surprise element is vital.

No Tsunami i.e. PHYSICAL

We need not be concerned by any fears of physical tsunamis.

No Volcanoes + Information War

We do not need either to have any fear of any major volcanic activity – Cobra says that the present statements regarding increased volcanic activity are disinformation. He does not agree with this at all. Remember we are in the midst of an information war – and it has not started to heat up as yet!!

This information war will get much worse – you must use common sense and your intuition.

Missing Plane

The whole information focus on the missing plane is functioning like a false flag operation and keeping everyone busy and we should just forget about it. I for one will not be making any more posts about it – unless I know it absolutely to be the final truth of the matter. I have made two posts – the first one concerning the Rothschild Semiconductor Patent for Freescale Semiconductors. Cobra did agree that it had to do with a technology war between the cabal – Rothschild faction and China. This technology has nothing to do with free energy but is concerning advanced flight technology.

Any way they can keep us busy with false flags they will.

Yes there is a collaboration between Mr Benjamin Fulford and Mr Cobra that is progressing nicely.

In Northern Korea there are two factions fighting internally over power.

There is a strong positive ‘quiet’ movement in support of the Eastern Alliance working in the area of Eastern Europe.

3 White Dragon Society Groups

Cobra was in touch with three different White Dragon Society groups while visiting Taiwan and Taipei. Both conferences were very successful with Vortexes being opened and so a strengthening of the Light Grid. As he mentioned on his report these contacts made while there and the fruitful agreements arrived at through negotiation, will have an extremely positive effect on the entire planetary situation after the Event.

“Besides all work for the conferences, I was having several meetings with the representatives of different Dragon groups. During those meetings and negotiations, important strategies for different key aspects of the – ***planetary liberation process*** – were agreed upon and that will have a very positive long lasting influence on the geopolitical situation on the surface of this planet.” ***{mine}

Arrests in Egypt

Question regarding the arrests made in Egypt and the death sentencing of many hundreds of people? Cobra asked the Positive Military there for some explanation and was informed that these people sentenced were the core group behind the Muslim Brotherhood and they had committed terrible atrocities in Egypt.


President Barack Obama is a Light person who according to original plans – made a long time ago –was to effect much positive change. He has been totally compromised in this. His hands are literally tied and he has lost all possibilities of carrying out the original plans for his work because of the many death threats to him and his family.

3 Popes

According to old tradition there have been three popes reigning at all times. They are called The White Pope the Black Pope and the Grey Pope. The third mentioned here refers to the archon pope. At this point in time there is something occurring which has never happened before says Cobra; namely that the White and Black Pope are one and the same person i.e. Francis.

Jehovah was (is no longer) an entity in power on the etheric plane and involved in controlling humanity through technological consciousness/mind control.

More Information

We will very shortly be receiving a lot more information regarding all kinds of things via Cobra. After the 21st April there will be secrets he can share that he has not been allowed to share so far.

Alexandra has been having a lot of interference with her mail and apologises and they always do their utmost to reach people. My mail is also ‘strange’ some of my most NB mail now lands in ‘Junk’. Yesterday I discovered that the Interview with the illuminati Dutch lady was removed from the Elephant in the Room page, I have now reposted it. This interference is on-going and a strong sign that they do not like us.

This is the link to Alexandra’s blog where I am sure she will have a direct access to the show shortly. Right now at 0944 Am I could not access it. She usually manages to get a transcript out in 2-3 days.


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PS, My plans for today were ‘surprisingly’ changed yesterday afternoon and that is why I could listen in after midnight to the interview.

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